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For over 5000 years, tattoos have served many different cultures of the ancient world. They have signified religious rites, the mark of a social status, protection, or even to give oneself magical powers or heal an illness.


Today, tattoos are also obtained as a beautiful form of self-expression; each one as unique as the individual. I tattoo simply because it is my passion. The manifestation of art and the application to the body is a timeless process that I am proud to be a part of. I strive for attention to detail in all of my work, as well as constant growth for the expansion of my artistic abilities.

In my tattoo career and artistic vision, I prefer to focus on fine lining and detail, dot work, geometric designs, as well all things that are born from nature. I have been tattooing for 3 years now and couldn't be more excited for my future. I love what I get to do everyday, and would not be able to pursue my dream without all of you! thank you always, for your love and support. lets get tattooing!